Price: $ 30.00
The cost of participation this year is $30 per child. This will cover the following. Team registration with FLL Jr. This includes the inspiration set that we get from FLL Jr. Team guide Engineering notebooks We Do and simple machine sets. We have enough sets from last year, so we will be able to share that with you We will be reimbursing for the Expo registration fee $50 per team. This is included this year and is different from last few years. This year the Expo registration also set for Feb 1 ( different from last few years when it was on Jan 10th. The coaches/ teams are still expected to register for the expo and get reimbursed by PTO The cost will not cover Any material that you may need for the expo, like the poster boards etc. T-Shirts that you may purchase for your team. We will guide you on how to get this done and negotiate with the vendor to get a better bulk price.