Hello Navy Community,

         After a long hiatus, Navy Eco School is back! The committee has included a few activities for the 2022-2023 school year. More activities to come after the first quarter! 

Plastic Film Recycling Program

Please bring your plastic bags and plastic films in and place them in the NexTrex Recycling Bins next to the Kiss & Ride doors.

Pollinator Garden Maintenance

Have you had a chance to visit the Navy Pollinator Garden? A few student volunteers worked hard during the past few weeks to clean up the unattended garden. We will invite other volunteers to maintain the garden in the upcoming months. Join us to create a healthy habitat for the butterflies!

Eco School Newsletter

The Eco School will publish a bi-monthly newsletter to share activities and plants found in the Pollinator Garden. We will also make a guest appearance on the WNES news. Stay tuned!

Email Mrs. Eucee Chan at enchan@fcps.edu if you have any questions.