Our 2020 STEAM Fair will be held on Monday, March 23, 2020! Stay tuned for details as they become available!
2019 Navy Elementary STEAM Day & Fair: Into Space and Beyond!

Our annual STEAM Day & Fair is coming to Navy on Monday, March 18th, 2019! It’s an all-day, school-wide event featuring presentations from professionals in STEAM-related fields and a Fair highlighting student-led projects. Participation in the Fair is open to all Navy students Kindergarten through sixth grade.

Our goal is to encourage exploration and discovery and promote a deep, lifelong passion for the sciences, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

STEAM Fair Theme
New this year: In honor of NASA’s 60th anniversary (October 2018) and the ongoing 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon missions we are introducing a theme to this year’s STEAM Fair: Into Space and Beyond! In NASA’s 60 years, we have sent explorers–human and robot–into space. Some have even made it to the outer reaches of our solar system. This year, the STEAM Fair asks: what will the next 60 years look like for space exploration? Where will we go? How will we get there? What will we need? What will we see and do? We are excited to see how Navy students answer these questions through explorations in the STEAM fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math!

Registration opens Wednesday, January 9th, 2019.

Registration for the STEAM Fair begins Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 and ends Friday, February 1st, 2019.

To register visit: http://navypto.org/events/steam-fair/steam-fair-registration/.

Project Survey

In order to adequately plan the logistics for the STEAM Fair–to make sure everyone has display space and a time to present their project to the judges–we need to all participants to complete the Project Survey form here: http://navypto.org/events/steam-fair/steam-fair-project-survey/.

Information Guides
Project Teams

Work on your project independently, work with a partner, or work with a team—it’s your choice!

All participants must be current Navy Elementary students.

Partner or team members can come from different classes or grades. Maximum team size is four.


The STEAM Fair is an opportunity for students explore topics within the STEAM fields. Through the STEAM Fair, we hope to encourage a love of exploration, discovery, and practice their project design skills along the way. Participation is completely optional and voluntary. The judging portion of the STEAM Fair is an opportunity for the student to present and talk about their work to an adult who is likely not their teacher–another skill to practice.

The important thing in all of this is to remember the STEAM Fair is not a competition.

The projects are evaluated on their merits using the rubric linked above and within grade-level expectations. We know these projects can take a lot of time and effort to complete. We hope they were also fun and opened minds to new ideas and knowledge. When a student really puts an effort in, it really shows, and we want to celebrate that. Projects that show that extra effort receive gold, silver, or bronze ribbons for their team members. The rubric evaluation helps us determine which projects those are.

The judging phase of the STEAM Fair happens mostly in the morning. Times are assigned by grade. Students in mixed-grade teams present at the time for the highest grade level in their team. Teachers are provided with lists of the students participating and their times. We have volunteers that help make sure students are present at their project during their time so they are ready when it’s their turn to present. When finished, students are released back to their classes to enjoy the rest of their day.

Parents are not allowed in the project display rooms during judging. We want to keep the space as distraction free as possible. More importantly, we want the students to shine and show off their work. Parents and family members will be able to walk through project areas during the family time at the end of the day. Judges also do not judge grades they have a student in.

Results from the judging will be distributed to the students’ classrooms to go home at the end of the week.

Volunteers Needed

A big event like the STEAM Day & Fair is only possible with help from many volunteers. There are many jobs to be done, and we would love your help. Contact Patricia Kruep at pkruep@gmail.com for more information on how you can help make the STEAM Fair a success.