Student Item Pick Up At Navy ES 6/1 – 6/2

Teachers and staff have been working hard to organize student items to be picked up next week. The following info has been sent out to parents via email last week by Principal Coch:

On Monday and Tuesday, June 1st and 2nd, families will be able to come to the school and pick up their child(ren)s’ items. The pickup “drive through” will start at the back of the school, (Kiss and Ride), and have two other stops. The whole process will allow parents and students to remain in their vehicles, as the items are brought out by Navy staff members. 

Two-day schedule for the Student Item Retrieval “Drive Through”

Monday, June 1

  • Last Names A-B (114 students) 9:30-10:30
  • Last Names C (93 students) 10:30- 11:30
  • Last Names D-G (133 students) 11:30-1:00
  • Last Names H-K (156 students) 1:00 – 2:30

Tuesday, June 2

  • Last Names L-M (128 students) 9:30-10:45
  • Last Names N-Q (98 students) 10:45-11:45
  • Last Names R-S (139 students) 11:45-1:00
  • Last Names T-Z (140 students) 1:00-2:30

Stop 1: Kiss and Ride Line (Gym) for Students Items

Have your families LAST NAME printed on large letters on a standard sheet of printer paper. 

This is how the Navy staff will know what bags to bring out. A staff member will put your bag by your passenger door. Then you can come and pick it up, so there will not be any contact. Once the bags are brought out, parents can move onto the clinic line which is stop two or go straight to stop three, where items that need to be returned to the school can be dropped off. 

Items in the bag include supplies left in the classroom, artwork, recorders/other instruments. Any items left in the gym will be disposed of at a later date.

If you do not need anything from the clinic and/or do not have anything to return to the school, we ask that you exit through the normal kiss and ride exit.

Stop 2: Side Door 6 (Cafeteria) for Clinic Items

If your student has medication that was left at the clinic, you will need to stop at this door to retrieve it. You will need to make sure that your child’s last name is easily seen in one of your windows. A member of the office staff will see your last name and will bring out your child’s medicine. You will have to sign, noting that the medication was returned. 

Any medication left behind will be properly disposed.

Stop 3: Door 1 (Front Office) for Returning School Items

If your child(ren) have items that they need to return to the school such as library books, patrol belts or instruments for example, then you would come to this stop. Place the item(s) in the appropriate box, which will be labeled. Once you have completed this final stop, we ask that you exit onto Ox Trail Road. 

Laptops are not to be dropped off during this time, unless you have been contacted and asked to bring it back.

The entrance of off Ox Trail Rd will be blocked off and is only to be used as an exit from stop #3. Everyone will need to enter from the Kiss and Ride lot and move along the drive through from there. 

We are hoping to have this process be as smooth and successful as possible. We ask that you have your last name visible in your vehicle