“No-Fuss” Fundraiser – It’s NEVER too Late!!

A BIG thank you to all the Navy Families that supported our “No-Fuss” Fundraiser!

In two weeks, we raised just under $30,000 and had 63% of the students donate towards their class participation! If you were unable to donate earlier, but are still interested, please send in a check ANYTIME, made payable to the NAVY PTO, and we will ensure that 100% of your funds are used to enhance the school’s classrooms and purchase educational materials for your student.

The following classes will receive a Spirit Stick Keychain and enjoy 15 minutes of extra recess during a class Popsicle Party!

Top Class Participation:

  • Mrs. Norden (K): 83%
  • Mrs. Lee (3): 81%

Top Class Donations:

  • Mrs. Little (4): $1,208.33
  • Mrs. Rooney (2): $1,150.00
  • Mrs. Norden (K): $1,085.00

If your student is interested, please have them check out an assortment of the collectible Spirit Sticks at the Navy Depot starting this Friday!!

Thanks again & congratulations to our entire Navy Family for a successful fundraising effort!