Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

During the week of November 17th ,we are challenging all Navy students, staff and teachers to do random acts of kindness. What is a random act of kindness? A random act of kindness is a selfless act by a person wishing to assist or cheer up another person. Examples of acts of kindness could be holding the door open for someone, lending a pencil to someone, donating money to charity, writing a positive note for someone, picking up trash on the ground, etc. The possibilities are endless.

For the week of November 17th, we challenge you to do random acts of kindness, write the act that you did on a slip of paper, and place it in the box by the main office.  During that week, three acts of kindness will be randomly chosen and read on the morning news. We can’t wait to see all the acts of kindness that Navy students can do!

To print the Random Act of Kindness form, click here!