Spring After School Activities

Tuesday 4/22/14 – 5/27/14

Cooking with Tiny Chefs (Grades 1-3) $130.00

Cooking with Gourmet Chefs (Grades 4-6) $130.00

This spring, Tiny and Gourmet Chefs will be donning their cooking sombreros in the spirit of Mexican cooking!  Your young chef will learn a bit about the rich culture and traditions of Mexican ingredients and foods, in addition to preparing a whole array of classic Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes.

Sports (Grades 1-3) $75.00

All Sports!  Come have fun and build sports skills as we practice drills and play, soccer, baseball, kickball, and more!

Thursdays 4/24/14 – 5/29/14

 Chess Club (Grades 1-6) $80.00

Chess club is taught by experienced Silver Knights Chess players and educators using a curriculum developed by National Masters. Each weekly session is a mix of learning and play. Playing chess is a great way to develop a child’s critical thinking skills, sportsmanship, and patience — all while having fun!


Registration for all activities begins on Wednesday, April 2, at 6:00pm at www.navypto.org

Registration closes for all activities April 11th!