Dolphin Depot Opens Soon!

Welcome to Navy Elementary’s first ever….

School Store!

Dear Navy Elementary students,

We are excited to announce that Navy Elementary is opening its first school store!

● The school store will be open on Fridays only and will be held in the literacy room (hallway between the gym and main office)
● The store’s first day open will be December 13, 2013.
● Our hours open are from 8:25-8:45am. Each grade will have designated Fridays so lines aren’t too long.
● We will be selling items such as pencils, glue, highlighters, etc… The store will also have fun novelty items.

Our items will be priced at $0.25 to $2.00 and can be paid for by cash. If you want to support us even more, you can go ahead and buy our school store certificates! $5.00 Gift Certificates to the school store are only available on our website at  You must pay online with a credit card. Gift Certificates will be on sale from Dec. 9th – Dec. 16th. Certificates will be delivered in Friday Folders on Dec. 20th. Hope we see you at our new school store!  Purchase School Store Gift Certificates now!


The School Store Team