Navy’s No Fuss Fundraiser

Cartoon bus with lots of kids ready for school.Navy’s No Fuss Fundraiser

Sept. 12 – 28, 2018

“No fuss, no muss, no coconuts!!”

Don’t beg grandma, don’t go door to door and don’t stand at a booth at the grocery store.

Simply click a button online and help Navy Elementary PTO reach our goal of $30,000!

Did you know?

EVERY PENNY you give to the No Fuss Fundraiser goes directly to benefit your Navy PTO!

Donate online by completing the donation form below.  Donations by check should be made payable to “Navy PTO” and deposited in the “No Fuss Fundraiser” mailbox in the main office. Please be sure to include the child(ren)’s name, grade and teacher with the check to ensure they receive their wristband.

While the per family guideline is $100, any amount is welcome and appreciated! No amount is too big or too small.

Fundraiser Progress

Achievement get: Mr. Coch will wear a 🌈 💩🎩 ! (date to be determined by Mr. Coch).

We did it! The preliminary results are in and our Navy community has crushed the No Fuss Fundraiser! As of now we have raised more than $38,000. You guys rock! THANK YOU for participating and THANK YOU for your generosity. Together we can do great things.

The No Fuss Fundraiser wrapped up on Friday, September 28th. Thank you to all the Navy families that donated to help the Navy PTO support the school this year!

Leading Classes:
  • 1st: Spencer (4)
  • 2nd: Fish (5)
  • 3rd: Rau (5)

Donate Now

Thanks to everyone who participated in making the No Fuss Fundraiser a success! If you would still like to make a donation to support the Navy PTO and Navy ES, please visit our Make a Donation page.

Where Does Your Money Go?

Your donation helps the PTO support Navy ES through:

  • Free Navy events
  • Technology purchases
  • School-wide improvements
  • Classroom improvements
  • Grade level enhancements
  • Field trips
  • ECO Club
  • Teacher and staff appreciation
  • and more!

Swag and Prizes!

ALL donations will receive a wristband!

Milestone Rewards
  • $10K – Flipper will greet kids during arrival & dismissal
  • $20K – Mr. Coch, Mrs. Booe, Ms. Cofer have a pie eating contest (or 3 of Mr. Coch’s designees)
  • $25K – School-wide 1 day no homework pass
  • $30K – Mr. Coch wears a rainbow poop emoji hat for a day

The class who donates the most will get to silly string Mr. Coch!