Treasurer Information

We have moved requests for vendor bill payments and expense reimbursement 100% online! Cash box requests and deposit notices still require a paper trail with signatures for audit purposes.

As such, the Navy PTO will no longer accept paper documentation for vendor bill payment / reimbursement requests.  Just take a look at the instructions listed for each type of request in the menu bar.

Our financial information and accounting books are available to you.  As PTO Treasurer I will be publishing them each month to the website for you to review.  The money we collect for the PTO comes from the community and is spent on a variety of events, activities, and infrastructure for Navy Elementary to ensure our children have the best possible education and elementary school experience.  It is important for you to review these financial statements so you understand where your money is going.

You have a voice in how money is spent and the PTO board wants to hear what you think.

If you have any questions or would like more detailed information on our financial statements, please email me at and I will get back to you.