2019 Navy Elementary STEAM Day & Fair

Our annual STEAM Day & Fair is coming to Navy on Monday, February 25th, 2019. It’s an all-day, school-wide event featuring presentations from professionals in STEAM-related fields and a Fair highlighting student-led projects. Participation in the Fair is open to all Navy students Kindergarten through sixth grade.

Our goal is to encourage exploration and discovery and promote a deep, lifelong passion for the STEAM fields.


Registration opens Tuesday, January 7th, 2019.

Registration for the STEAM Fair begins Tuesday, January 7th, 2019 and ends Thursday, January 25th, 2019.

Projects Are Student Driven

All registered participants should download and print a copy of the STEAM Fair Student Information Packet. This packet contains information about putting together a STEAM Fair project.

Information Packet

Download the 2018 Navy STEAM Fair Info Packet (docx).


Choose a Topic

STEAM Fair projects are about asking questions like “Why?”, “How?”, or “What if?”. Topics can fall into one or more STEAM-related fields. Students can use scientific, engineering, or design methodologies to discover answers to their questions. Students may also create a model or presentation to show how something works.

Project ideas should come from the students and students should drive their projects. It is important students conduct their own research, experiments, and discovery—even if the experiment or design doesn’t work!

Parents should use their best judgment in deciding when to get involved, such as when there is a potential safety issue. For especially young students, parents may provide some guidance.

Work With Someone Else

Work on your project independently, work with a partner, or work with a team—it’s your choice!

All participants must be current Navy Elementary students.

Partner or team members can come from different classes or grades. Maximum team size is four.


Project Criteria

Review the STEAM Fair Student Information Packet for project criteria and guidelines.

Student Participation and Recognition

Each participant will have an opportunity to present their project to a professional in a STEAM field and/or a science teacher! All participants will receive a certificate and get to enjoy a reception in their honor, held at the end of the STEAM Fair.

Submit Your Photos

During the reception, we will highlight student’s work and achievements for the STEAM Fair. We want to include your photos of your children at work on their projects to illustrate STEAM work is as much about the journey as the final result.

Photo submission guidelines and instructions coming soon.

We will do our best to include as many submitted photos as possible. Due to constraints on running time, the slideshow may not include all photos submitted.

Volunteers Needed

A big event like the STEAM Day & Fair is only possible with help from many volunteers. There are many jobs to be done, and we would love your help. Contact Patricia Kruep at for more information on how you can help make the STEAM Fair a success.