Enrichment Clubs

Enrichment Clubs (Math, Science, & Language Arts) is a national elementary & middle school program that encourages students to enhance their skills through learning and competition. Clubs are limited to grades 4-6 only.

Individual programs below. Click on the links for additional information and descriptions. Registration opens September 26, 9PM ET and closes October 7, 9 PM unless otherwise indicated.

Questions? Contact us at navy.enrich@gmail.com.

** Once Registration is Confirmed, No Cancellations or Refunds will be issued or allowed.

** For CML, VML, NLAL, NSL and MOEMS: It is the parents’ responsibility to enroll their student in any or each of these Leagues at only one venue and time per calendar year. Many of these Leagues are offered by private organizations at alternate dates and locations. If a student knowingly or unknowingly participates in the same event in two places, they will be disqualified for the entire Enrichment Program. This is a serious violation of all Enrichment League rules.

** All Enrichment Leagues are offered on behalf of the Navy PTO.